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    • Get event invitation and notifications when I'm Live
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    Gorgeous Fan Club

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    Get Access To My Gorgeous Fan Gallery
    • Access to the Gorgeous Fan Gallery
    • Photos And Videos You Cant Find Anywhere Else
  • Candle Box

    Every month
    Receive A Recurring Box Of Your Favorite Scents
    • 1 Large Candle
    • 4 Small Candles (Variety of Scents)
    • Free Shipping
  • Beauty Box Oils

    Every month
    Receive A Recurring Box Of Natural Glow Oils and Moisturizer
    • Body Oil 4 oz
    • Hair , Scalp ,or Beard Oil 2 oz
    • Glitter Body Oil 4 oz
    • Facial Moisturizer & Natural Toner (also used remove makeup)
    • Free Shipping
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